Faris Faraj, owner and president of Premier Lending, Inc., understands the importance of relationships and of innovation and believes his employees are Premier Lending’s greatest asset. Upon these bedrock concepts, he has built an organization that has grossed nearly $200 million.

Under Faris’ leadership, Premier Lending has set itself apart from competitors by introducing specialized and cutting-edge products like Premier Express 15-day closing, but it’s the company’s commitment to creating and sustaining meaningful client relationships that truly separates it from the rest of the mortgage industry. Faris emphasizes a hands-on approach to client management and is always looking to provide excellence and expand his business and goals, in which he believes can only be possible if carried out by the highest-quality staff available.

Faris demands that Premier Lending professionals always strive to make clients feel comfortable, informed, and most importantly, appreciated. Birthday cards, home-delivered letters and frequent phone calls are just a few of the methods Premier Lending employs to build and maintain client relationships.

A native of Amman, Jordan, Faris received his B.A. in Supply Chain Management from the nationally ranked Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University in 2002. He holds a California State Real Estate License and is NMLS Certified. Prior to founding Premier Lending in 2009, he spent seven years as a mortgage advisor at Specialty Funding in San Mateo.