Premier Lending, Inc. is a mortgage bank founded in 2009 by the Faraj brothers. They built a successful company that was not simply driven by profit, but by making a difference in the lives of clients, customers, and employees. Starting with exceptional customer service, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and philanthropy, they launched a mortgage lending bank that has funded over $1 billion dollars in loans simply by word of mouth. We are here to make you a RAVING FAN!


“We exist to make a difference in people’s lives by providing the right mortgage products. We are not focused on being the biggest mortgage bank, we are focused on being the best. The best people, the best service, and the best products.” -Faris Faraj

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"Although I have only been with Premier Lending Inc. for under a year, I have found the company and the people I work with to be amazing. What makes Premier Lending Inc. stand out is that every single employee takes a stake in the company’s success. I feel excited to be a part of the talented, experienced and enthusiastic team at Premier Lending Inc. Premier Lending Inc. keeps moving forward no matter the challenge and I’m curious and excited to see what the future beholds for this wonderful company."
“Management provides a comfortable environment and is dedicated to helping me develop my career”
“We have a leader, not a boss. We have a powerful working envoironment with great team spirit. Premier offers us a unique working experience”
“The best thing about working for Premier Lending, is the team! The people you work with.”
“When I think of Premier Lending Inc. I think of family. Coming to work is like coming back home just with more relatives than you were expecting. The work atmosphere feels comfortable. My counter parts are great and we have a strong team that communicates really well. Our management is always understanding, available, great coaches, and most importantly, they are not bosses, they are leaders.”
“It has been an absolute honor working for Premier Lending!  Every team member has made me feel like I’m part of their family.  The communication and teamwork standards held within this company are far above any that I have experienced.”
“Premier Lending Inc. is a family-oriented company with a diverse culture. There are many opportunities for growth and having a voice in the organization. The best thing is having the ability to speak with managing partners at any time.”



    Toll-Free Number 844.773.6137